Critical Incident Response Plan

I'm sorry to report that the Critical Incident Response Plan referenced in Dr. Nyland's letter to the community is total bunk. It is, at best, a PR plan. It is designed to respond to potential sources of bad press.

It basically calls for district officials to gather information, comply with policies, procedures, regulations and laws, and to inform stakeholders. I can't believe that executives at that level of responsibility have to be specifically directed to do these things.

Worse, I have no confidence that these written directions to do these things will result in the actual fulfillment of these duties.

The only thing that the superintendent needs to do is require compliance with procedure, policy, regulation and law, and to hold staff accountable with meaningful consequences if they violate the rules. That would fix the problem.


Charlie Mas said…
The members of the senior management working group who will be reviewing all processes related to the requirements of Title IX are: Deputy Superintendent, all Assistant Superintendents, General Counsel, Chief Communications Officer. In short, the same group that is brought together for everything. The superintendent's cabinet, or, as we can now call them, the usual suspects.
There was a break between the first part of the Board meeting and the time for public comment. (They have to legally start public comment at the time advertised.)

They had just had Dr. Nyland read the letter. I went to a Communications person to ask if I could speak with him and ask for comment and some questions.

I was told the letter was his comment and he wasn't taking questions.

Not a good start.
Not Really said…
Unfortunately, it was clear to me from the start. Just looking at the list of players was enough indication to see that this CRT was created to protect the district, not children. They are much more concerned about covering their arses than making sure policy is implemented. Sad.
Anonymous said…
how can you inform the larger public this is bunk?

do you think it will require another protest?

what are the procedures necessary to recall Peaslee?

Anonymous said…
Nyland's letter is now posted on the SPS website. However, since the letter refers to the rape as the "incident" it is impossible for anyone unfamiliar with the situation to know what he is referring to. If I hadn't been following the story, I would think he was referring to bullying or some minor form of harassment - not rape on a school-sponsored trip.
- NP
NP, to be fair, his wording is such that you would know it is serious. He does refer to "sexual harassment."

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