Overkill Leads to...what the U.S. System Looks Like Today

Remember when I said. let's go back to basics?  This might be a good start.


Anonymous said…
They also have the most rigorous education programs in the world with something like 8 total schools of education that are as selective as their medical and/or law schools. How many collegegs of ed do we have in Washington State alone?

Anonymous said…
Can they get rid of ineffective teachers?

mag mom
I'm sure they do but the weeding starts out before they do become teachers.
Anonymous said…
WA State doesn't have as many as Texas, where you can essentially buy a certificate. Or Utah, where you don't need a certificate to get a teaching job.

Not all of the WA colleges and universities have something ed-related. A couple of the private colleges (UPS, Seattle U, possibly PLU) offer ed programs as MAT programs for people who have already obtained their undergrad - no undergrad degree in education. I don't recall that Whitman has any form of ed degree. State schools, yes. The usual for-profit vultures - Western Governor's University, where you can get your teaching degree online! - City U, U of Phoenix - all offer ed degrees of some kind.
I'd be perfectly happy to see fewer ed programs for more quality, if there were also more opportunities for teachers to rid themselves of student loans for taking on harder assignments -high-poverty schools and special ed, rural areas - and staying put for more than 2 years. Not just new teachers either. I was talking to someone recently who has taught for more than 10 years, but still has 30K in student loans (granted the Bush administration's interest rate hike probably inflated that by about 10K beyond what it originally was).

Patrick said…
mag mom, how about we have a way to get rid of ineffective administrators? Teachers in SPS do get dismissed sometimes, there seems to need to be a felony indictment involved before an administrator can be removed.
mirmac1 said…
And administrators are usually not removed but given a letter of recommendation or retirement party so they go away.
dan dempsey said…
Evergreen State College in Olympia has no undergrad education program but does offer a Masters in Teaching that requires 2 years to complete

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