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 Update: know who else has jobs?  Teach for America (on Craigslist, no less).  The first thing they say you get out of TFA?  "Leadership abilities."  They single out Garfield as a problem for African-American students. 

Teacher is the only job available in Seattle at the jobs section of the TFA site. When you don't have traction, you don't need a lot of staff, I suppose.

I'll be interested to see if the new dean at the UW College of Education keeps up this nonsense of running the TFA program in the red.

end of update.

I sometimes peruse job listings at SPS and other outlets as you find the most interesting things.

To whit:

- SPS is looking for at least two "Senior Project Managers."  On my "back to basics" mission, I find it trying that we can't have nurses/counselors but JSCEE has SO many projects, they need managers for all of them.  What I find doubly trying is the description of what they are to do:

This position is responsible for managing key District business and technology initiatives.

What business initiatives?  Wait, it says the Bell Time Analysis.  That's business?

Follows established District Portfolio Governance process to establish appropriate priority for initiatives.

Really? I'll have to ask for this "district portfolio governance process" because the district seems to have a problem with governance issues as well as keeping up with policies/procedures so I'd love to know what this is.

Good money, though - $82K to nearly $114K.  

Who does this person report to?
This position reports jointly to the Project Sponsor and the Director of Project Management. 

Who are these people? Again, I'll have to ask.

Then I see that the state is looking for a new "Ombud" for the Office of Family and Children.  SPS could take a page from the state for brevity of explaining a job. 

Meanwhile, know a teen or young adult looking for a job?  There's a couple of openings for them.

Investigative Aide (age: 17 1/2 - 19 years)for the Liquor Control Board. 

Tobacco Investigative Aide (age: 16 - 17 1/2 years)


Charlie Mas said…
In case it isn't obvious, the investigative aide jobs are to go to stores and try to make an underage buy of alcohol or tobacco. If they sell to you, they get busted.
mirmac1 said…
They need more project managers because Flip Herndon and Richard Best are too busy with the City's Preschool for All and the Downtown Fed Building. Serious.
Charlie, I thought it was pretty obvious. Funny.
Anonymous said…
These jobs posting are Pretty much status quo for govn't agencies and quasi-ones. You'll see this in City hall planning, Parks & Rec (even more now with the passing of the park district.... bathrooms remain foul, trails poorly maintained except by us volunteers, etc.), friends at City Light loving their low stress, low demanding, 3day weekends, but highly paid bookkeeping jobs. Unless you are workers like nurses, mental health counselors, EMTs, or teachers. Then you're overpaid union scums.

seattle citizen said…
Don't forget they need underage people to try and buy pot now, too....
Eric B said…
Project Sponsor is a project management term for a person who is not in the main organization chart for a project (not the overall organization), but who the project manager can go to if they are not getting the support and time that they need to complete a project. The sponsor is also usually someone that the project's customers' can go to if they have issues with how the project is being run. The sponsor isn't normally a new position, just someone high enough in the org chart to be able to go to bat for either the customer or the project manager.

For the bell times project, I would expect the sponsor to be Charles Wright, although it's possible it would be delegated to someone else.
mirmac1 said…
Sponsor. Oh yeah, that's Best and Herndon....

Wright would deliberately sabotage the bell times analysis. Besides, he's busy meeting with Holly Miller and Burgess.
Anonymous said…
Do they have an opening for,

Special education teachers that are trained in best educational practices, research-based methodologies, and computer software designed to address deficits in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Anonymous said…
Michael, your complaint, like many from special education, should be addressed at those setting and determining the special education endorsement. To constantly complain that this teacher is unqualified in this favorite methodology, or that disability, is barking up the wrong tree. There is no endorsement in any specific disability or skill. Anybody graduating with a degree in special ed, is qualified to teach any special ed class, for the given grades.

BTW. The same is true of general educators too, btw.

Anonymous said…
That wasn't a complaint was taken verbatim from the first draft of the TIERS group proposal.

If you do a bit of research you will find several recent court rulings in favor of students who teachers where state certified but failed to be effective in providing FAPE. This was ruled because of the school NOT using evidence based methodologies and services especially designed to meet the needs of the student.

But by all means if it makes you feel better keep apologizing for SPS.

Anonymous said…
It is the same in nursing- a big push for evidence based this or that. It is because no one actually tries to gather any data. There just isn't great evidence for much of anything. Most studies are limited in scale, have huge design flaws, no controls, and are sponsored by interested parties. Citizens don't have access to most publicly funded research papers. I'm sorry you do not have effective teachers. They are not really trained in evidence based practice. Education schools don't truly teach teachers to analyze research or metadata... But would a teacher trained in data analysis really be a better teacher?
J, that is a great question.
Anonymous said…
Dang - no way to mark the TFA stuff on Craigslist as SPAM.


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