Seattle Schools This Week

Update: I had forgotten that tomorrow is the date that WA State Supreme Court answers the Legislature on the McCleary decision.  That should be illuminating.

end of update.

Seemingly, the quiet before the storm that is the reopening of school next week.

The only item on the district calendar is one I erred about in the Friday Open Thread.  Director Patu's Saturday Community meeting is this Saturday, the 30th from 10 am to noon at Cafe Vita.

There is also, on Saturday, September 6th, the first Community meeting with President Peaslee in a very long time.  (She has previously apologized, saying her duties as president left her no time to have community meetings.) It is at the NE Library and it is one hour long from 3:30-4:30 pm.  I would imagine you might want to get there early to get a seat.

I've received a report that Arbor Heights and STEM K-5 have been able to equitably share space in the Boren building.  It's great when school leaders can work together for everyone.

Anything happening at your school?


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