Monday, August 04, 2014

PE at Your Neighborhood Community Center?

This was in the Northgate Community Center activities schedule.  Apparently, you can get a high school (maybe middle school) PE credit for this class.  Have you seen this elsewhere?  (Credit to Carolyn Leith for pointing this out.)


Anonymous said...

For a PE waiver you need 60 hours of planned activities, or 100 min. for every week of school. I suppose the class could count for half of the required time in a PE waiver.


TechyMom said...

I like that there are more options for kids who don't want to take PE at school. If you did this and homeschooled math, you might be able to get a reasonable start time (only half joking)

Christina said...

I was sorta hoping that daily walking up a very steep hill for close to a mile, as there is no bus service for middle schoolers who live a mile away, would be an acceptable PE waiver activity.