BEX Oversight Committee Meeting Tomorrow

A heads up for tomorrow's BEX Oversight Committee meeting.  It will NOT be at JSCEE but is at the Genesee Hill School Library, 5013 SW Dakota St, from 8:30-10:30 am.  The meeting will be shortened in order for committee members to tour the building.  The public is allowed to come along.

The agenda shows a project status review for the various BEX IV projects.  

There is also this on the agenda:

Enrollment Planning/Capacity Analysis Ashley Davies/Flip Herndon 
It almost might be worth going out there to hear what they tell the Committee.  Or it might be the usual bland words that don't really tell you anything.  

Also to note, Director Blanford has cancelled his community meeting for next Saturday, July 16th.  

However, Directors Patu and Harris still have their community meetings on that date.

Patu - 10-11:30 am Caffe Vita, 5028 Wilson Ave S.
Harris - 3:00-4:30 pm Southwest Branch, 9010 35th Ave. SW
It is a bit startling to me to see July community meetings.  In my experience, most directors took July off and do not traditionally have them.  It is a credit to our new Board to see them scheduling meetings even during the summer. 


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