Dorn Says He Will File Lawsuit Against Districts

From the Everett Herald:
Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn knows school districts use local levies to pay teachers and principals because they don’t get enough money from the state to offer competitive salaries.

He is convinced it is illegal for them to do this.

So the outgoing chief of Washington’s public school system said he intends to sue a few districts to find out.

Dorn is preparing to launch legal action as early as Tuesday in King County Superior Court. He wouldn’t say which districts will be named as defendants. 
The Herald thinks one will be Snohomish because they have one of the highest teachers salaries in the state.


Anonymous said…
Where do we sign up for refunds?

Taxed poor
Watching said…
There is a real potential for students to be harmed and Seattle has a lot to loose.
Interesting said…
"Only the outgoing SPI who doesn't need to heed the political pressure is in a position to call out the elephant in the room: union negotiators are swiping money from children's materials, facilities and services for *their* priority of adult pay in violation of RCW 28A.400.200. Anyone close to the funding system knows there is a hole in the funding bucket as long as finite levy funds are drained to just make payroll. Return to the ban on local bargaining of wage and salary."

...says Jamie Lund of the Freedom Foundation.

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