Tuesday, July 05, 2016

What's Going On?

With apologies to Marvin Gaye but mercy, mercy me.

Folks, we have two true trolls (they just randomly pop up with useless comments like whack-a-moles and I just quietly delete away.).

Both are sad people with blogs no one reads.

One even made his URL  and blog look similar to this blog in order to drive more traffic there.  I don't think it works.

The other one writes in a hyperventilating manner that could put even Liv Finne out of business. But again, no one is paying attention.

They even try to spew their rhetoric at other local ed blogs (who also promply delete their comments.)

Neither of them sign these comments, of course.  Both people are cowards that way.  They use various monikers but one has a distinct writing style you can't miss and the other one just puts up his same tired attack against me.

And, like most immature people, because they can't get the attention they want on their own turf, they then have to turn to being petty, annoying and vindictive somewhere else.

But please, ignore them.  Don't answer them, not even in defense of the blog. I appreciate the thought (and the effort) but Charlie and I will take care of their yawn-inducing posts.

They are not getting what they want from their own blog (which should tell them something about the kind of real work and worthwhile content it takes to get a following.)

Let's not give them a minute's thought here.

Moving on.