Where's the Money (for fully-funded schools)?

A year ago Teacher Retention Advocate Parents (TRAP)  hosted a coloring contest to draw attention to Washington State’s criminally under-funded public schools.

Today, TRAP is back – because the Legislature STILL can’t find the money. Let’s help them out with a word search.



Anonymous said…
The liberal rallying cry, "Tax the rich!"

Why don't they every say "Tax me! I'm willing to pay for the government service I'm demanding."

Patrick said…
Dear Irony,

Seattle votes for the education levies and almost every other levy that comes up. That looks like saying "I'm willing to pay!" to me.
Anonymous said…
I'm willing to pay. My husband has hit the cap for SSI and we say, eliminate the cap! We vote for every levy. I voted for an income tax. Bill Gates asked for an income tax. Reduce the sales tax and implement an income tax!

Anonymous said…
Tax me was my monicker for a long time, but I decided I preferred Fix AL. Do both!

Fix AL
Fund Education said…
Tax me! The children are the future and it will be a better future for everyone in the state if the kids get a decent education. I vote yes for every education levy. But don't stop at taxing me. Tax the big corporations, too. And tax my wealthy, retired in-laws on the Olympic Peninsula. And my own wealthy, retired parents in Grant County. Today's school students are the folks who are going to be administering the medications in their nursing homes in a decade or two. Let's make sure the kids get a good enough education to read the labels correctly. Or get into med school if that's what they want.
Anonymous said…
Tax me as well. Tax us proportionate to our income. And as Fund Education stated, tax the big corporations as well. We are not wealthy, far from it in fact in Seattle with under a six figure income. But kid is not FRL either. We understand the value in quality public education. We vote for every education levy as well.
-another voice
Anonymous said…
Tax me! I already pay for everything anyway with my property taxes anyway because Microsoft and Amazon are such thumb-sucking babies. Irony - is your last name Bezos by any chance?

-yet another
Anonymous said…
Folks can always write the State Treasurer a check if they want the government to take more of their cash.

Okay, SmartMoney, how should the current dollars be spent differently? If it's truly enough, what would you change?

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