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Anonymous said…
I'm looking at this Prop 1 flyer and wondering how all the funding sources (and lack thereof) fit together and get distributed. As a parent in north seattle, I know I have to donate generously to our PTA(s) so my kids can have a dabble of art and music. More and more, my donations are going to cover other core staff, like librarians, nurses, counselors and math and/or reading specialists. I give more, they need more, and the community complains because north seattle PTA's give too's a terrible situation. Other schools get federal and state support for these items, we don't, I pony up cash, mudslinging is sparked.

So along comes Prop 1. Is this money going to our district office, then sent to certain "deserving" schools, or is this money going to every school, with strings attached that it be used for the purposes described in the Prop 1 literature?

I'll be paying through the nose for property taxes and getting the same or less for my schools, so I'm not terribly excited to pay more for Prop 1 and not see a dime at our neighborhood school since we're not a title 1 school.

Will someone help me understand the funding puzzle here? I'm happy to pay taxes and support all school, just getting really sick and tired of then realizing our PTA needs hundreds or thousands to meet what I consider to be a basic education.


Prop What
Prop What, that's one of my problems with this prop - vague language. I don't think the district is getting the money, although they may be deciding what schools. (Although the Central Area is getting arts money from the City already.)

All kids deserve arts education but how exactly it will delivered is not clear to me.
Anonymous said…

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