Please Add Your Comments to HALA EIS

From legislator Gerry Pollet:

Seattle Fails to Consider If There is Any Space for Children to Go to School in HALA Upzones
Please send in your comments on Draft EIS

The City of Seattle has again failed to consider the lack of school capacity to serve our children who suffer from unconstitutionally overcrowded school buildings across Seattle as it proposes to increase density and upzone neighborhoods under HALA and its “grand bargain.” Please share your comments urging that the City live up to repeated promises to consider school capacity, and actively helping to add capacity for our children, by submitting comments on the MHA Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
You may be outraged to learn, as I was, that instead of considering whether there is any space in public schools to accommodate the massive increase in population proposed by upzones, the City considered standardized test scores as a positive indicator of “educational opportunity” justifying upzones. Read my full post along with suggested comments and link to submit your comments:


juicygoofy said…
Thank you for posting. It is critical comments regarding the DEIS get submitted to the city before August 7th. Though this is a DRAFT Environmental Impact Statement, comments and revisions will not be accepted on the final. Together, the EIS is also where potential grounds for litigation begin. Link to online submission form:
Anonymous said…
100,000 housing units equals how many students?

Is the city "leadership" assuming that the Manhattanization of Ballard will happen without children? Just like they assumed that building all those condos without adding significantly to transit capacity would work out well? Looks like gridlock in the streets will be joined soon by gridlock in the lunch line. Brilliant planning!

Scrawny Kayaker
Anonymous said…
That was a serious question BTW: What is the demographic assumption for students per housing unit?

If only 3% of the housing units had an elementary student, that would be 3000 more students! Requiring over a half-dozen NEW elementary schools? Does anyone have ANY idea how this can work?

Outsider said…
100,000 new housing units equals $billions of profit for developers and $tens of $millions flowing to the political class in the form of campaign contributions, consulting fees, and who knows what else. Wow ... sorry, I got a little giddy there just thinking about it. What was your question again?
Yeah and I had some person at WPD questioning impact fees. Gee, I wonder why we would need them?
Sorry, I meant WPD Facebook page, NOT people from WPD.

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