This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Just when you think the Legislature can't do more to hurt public education, they do.  Or rather, the Republicans do.

Again, this is why you MUST support Manka Dhingra's race in the 45th district. Not only is her opponent a carpetbagger, we need people in the Legislature that want to get things done.

There are two big issues on this impasse.

From the Times:

 - The failure of a new capital budget could also affect Washington lawmakers' long-running quest to comply with the state Supreme Court's school-funding order known as the McCleary decision.

- That roughly $4B (capital) bill included about $1billion for new school construction. 

This because K-3 class sizes are part of McCleary and without new construction, many districts cannot fulfill that mandate.

The real issue is not funding these projects.  Nope, it's over a water-use bill based off yet another Supreme Court decision called the Hirst decision over the ability of rural land owners to drill water wells.  Dems and Native American tribes oppose any rollback of the decision. 

Governor Inslee says he's not calling a fourth session unless there IS an agreement that will be voted on.  Good for him - enough of this legislative last-minute blackmail by the GOP.  The Dems want a temporary 2-year patch on the issue but the Republicans say no.

Hey look, another stalemate.


Anonymous said…
Progressive check list,

School district -- run by democrats
City of Seattle -- run by democrats
King County -- run by democrats
State of Washington -- run by democrats
UDOE -- run by democrats for the last 7.5 years.

If you want to blame a collective group for the failures, it would be the democrats.

Why do you insist on trying to pin the problems on others?

End PC
Anonymous said…
Senate is run by Republicans. They are the ones holding this one up.

Thank you, HP, for pointing out the obvious as I did throughout the thread.
Anonymous said…
While you're correct on the current majority rule of the WA state Senate, it is barely Republican controlled and the current control of our state government could not be labeled anything close to republican.

Governor -- democrat since 1985
Lt governor -- democrat since 1997
House -- democrat since 2002
senate -- republican since 2013
OSPI -- democrat since 2017

Historically since 1997 - 2012 the democrats controlled the entire state system of government but did not address the public school funding issues, why is that?

Could it be that there really isn't a problem? Why should the republicans bear the blame for a possible artificial funding crisis now? Just because the progressives say there is a funding crisis doesn't make it so.

End PC
Anonymous said…
The Republicans are the ones that are holding up this piece of legislation. They are holding the capital budget hostage. The Democrats continued to roll over for the Republicans in order to get the budget passed, so yes, in this case I blame the Republicans.

End PC, fine questions but not the current issue in this thread. Please read the thread.
Anonymous said…
I disagree that End PC brings up "fine questions". In my opinion the Republicans are not interested in health care, education, scientific research or anything else that makes America great or benefits the American people. They are only interested obstructing taxation to benefit and prop up dying industries whose CEOs pay them handsomely to accomplish this. They are heavily underwritten by 'people' like Robert Mercer to obstruct meaningful legislation at every turn. The Democrats have tolerated this to an extent that is criminal. Spineless Governers like Gary Locke sold out education in Washington state when the funding was there in order to waste energy propping up the apple "industry". This is but one of many examples of Democrats in power trying to cater to a group of people that really have no moral compass. However, it will not work to imitate Republicans - it will never work. That is because Republicans don't WANT anything - they do not have any vision. They only want to satisfy their deep pocket overlords. Witness the attempts to repeal the ACA. A health care system that is proving robust enough to survive even the attempted time bombing by Marco Rubio. Rubio took out protections that would stabilize insurers. See? Republicans don't even really care about businesses if destabilizing them provides a means to jeopardize health care for millions of citizens and twist the story to make it appear that ACA wasn't working when, in fact, it is and would be even more robust if it weren't tampered with by Republicans. So you see, even if the Republicans do not have a majority in parts of the legislature they are determined to obstruct legislation funding education or literally anything else that uses government funding to invest in the future.

Anyone who has battled a bed-bug or cockroach infestation can see how even Republicans, even in the minority are difficult to suppress and eradicate. They don't care about anything except spreading. They don't take risks to invest in the future and oppose those who do. These are my opinions based on ample and extensive empirical evidence. I have donated as much as I can to Manka Dhingra's campaign. Thanks for the heads up on that Melissa. Good luck to her. I hope Jay Inslee keeps the fire lit under the regressives both right and left. Progress requires government investment - look at the countries who do not invest in their populace and see how far then gets them.

Ironically, now I have to get back to working on a cure for glioblastoma (I kid you not). I bet Republicans wished they had invested more in my lab when they had the chance - we'd have it in clinical trials by now and maybe it would help prolong John McCain's life so that Republicans would have a chance of disrupting health care for millions of Americans.

Also good points, ParentScientist. Bless you for your work; cancer sucks
Anonymous said…
The Republicans in Washington are standing up for landowners as well as residents in 39 counties who are being devastated by the Hirst decision. The Hirst decision means that land owners cannot dig wells on their property, effectively eliminating the ability to build, which devastates the property value. When property values plummet, so do property taxes and the counties' source of income.

A 2-year temporary fix would not work, as lenders would not lend money to build on such an uncertain future.

Given that Governor Inslee has completely lost the trust of Republicans by vetoing a major item in a hard-fought budget negotiation, effectively negating all the negotiations that had been done, Republicans will only accept signed promises from now on. BTW, Boeing may be severely hurt by the EU now that they are continuing to get tax breaks not offered to other manufacturers in Washington.

And don't get me started about the Affordable Care Act. The ACA has been a disaster for our family - financially as well as in losing our health insurance, our doctors and dealing with months of hassle. We just got notice that another policy is being cancelled at the end of the year. I was told months ago by an industry insider that all the other policies of its kind have already left the state after losing tens of millions of dollars, so this one would be leaving as well.

Momof2, you use the word "devastate" a lot. There are many things that landowners can't do that lower property values but protect the public good. Owning land doesn't give anyone the right to do as they please. From the case:

"The court ruled that the county failed to comply with the Growth Management Act (GMA) requirements to protect water resources." That includes fish, wildlife and recreation.

"This court decision changes that - counties now have to make their own decisions about whether there is enough water, physically and legally, to approve a building permit that would rely on a well."

Owners can still apply for permits.

The two-year fix would allow the Legislature to work with the Court decision for everyone.

The Governor was under no obligation to sign the budget in full. That's why we have three branches of government and he has veto power.

As for ACA, I refer you to this article:

There is no legislation -ever - that everyone likes but this one seems to have covered more people for health insurance.

Lastly, let's keep on the topic. The capital budget is being held up and has consequences for schools.

Anonymous said…
"Just when you think the Legislature can't do more to hurt public education, they do. Or rather, the Republicans do. "

WOW talk about generalizing and being wrong! Yes lets have unlimited shiny things, grimy greasy engines be damned!

End PC
Again, End PC, I am talking about a specific thing.
Anonymous said…
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Being cryptic is not helpful. Either be clear or go.

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