Bell Times Infographics

Southeast Seattle Education Coalition (SESEC) created infographics with the hours of Southeast schools. Translations are available in Chinese, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese. 

A special thank you to our community volunteers Yuan, Saadia, Idil, Elisabeth, James, and Mai for translating the fliers. 

School hours for schools not on the list can be found on Seattle Public Schools website.

The featured image is a cc licensed photo attributed to Paul Feldman

What a great help for parents; thanks to the SESEC!


Anonymous said…
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Michael Rice said…
I think this could be for the parents of the students, who are trying to learn English, but who are working while sending their children to school so they can have a better life. I know many families in the last century who immigrated from Germany, Italy and other European countries did not know English when they got here, but made sure their kids did, so they could have a better life.
Right, Michael. It's my understanding that many, many, many people who came to this country did not speak English but sent their children to school to learn English and become productive citizens. Knowing basic information on how to do that - in a language the parents can understand and follow - seems a good idea.
Grouchy Parent said…
The first lady herself arrived as an illegal immigrant, from a small, non-English-speaking country, working illegally as a model. She lied about finishing college, so who knows how her English skills were. And she's been pretty much solely responsible for dealing with the raising and schooling of her son. It's really no so far-fetched that other parents could also have challenges. Understanding what SPS means can sometimes be hard even for well-educated native speakers of English.
Anonymous said…
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Eric B said…
G/G, I think the problem on the other thread is that you're asking other people to do the advocacy work for you. It's great that you want translation of the middle school math options. If you want to start fighting that fight with the district, go right ahead. Just don't expect other people to start the fight because you said they should.
Anonymous said…
It was a volunteer effort to translate the start times flyer. This was not done by SPS, correct?

Anonymous said…
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