Perusing Homes for Sale This Morning...

Welcome to this wonderful home located in the sought after Northgate neighborhood, this home is within the boundary of the prestigious Hazelwolf Alternative School home of the highly prized S. T. E. M. Program. There is no waiting list for students in this location.


Cry Wolf said…
Ha ha ha! Well, it's almost true. There won't be a wait list as soon as they dissolve the lists in a week or two. So families moving to Seattle from Silicon Valley or wherever will be able to just sign their kids up for any slot at Hazel Wolf that happens to become available after the wait lists are dissolved. And you know there'll be some. They're not for local kids, though.
Cry Wolf, and that was a major issue a decade back - why new-to-Seattle kids get in despite already in the district kids can't. I understand the justification but I recall a Board director saying it just wasn't fair to those already here.
Anonymous said…
Ah, the beauty of neighborhood schools in SPS.

Tied right into real estate ads and status.
If the status quo of neighborhood schools is questioned by raising gerrymandering or actual option schools, they "cry bussing" (a fake form of crying wolf).

In the meantime, the smug Seattle liberals can decry critics by saying, "I don't go private like the 30%."

Poor Me

Anonymous said…

It's your choice, but I would report that user's IP & ISP address and take legal action. Protect yourself.


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