In Black and White

This pretty much explains the route to where we are in public education today.


Anonymous said…
None of this is happening in Seattle. So what is you point?

Sorry you didn't know but
1) there are charter schools in WA state and in Seattle
2) there is a teacher shortage
3) Betsy DeVos is Sec'y of Ed so yeah, worry about vouchers
4) yes, there is standardized testing
Anonymous said…
1)So what, the % of students attending SPS has been consistent for the last 20 years.

2)How is a teacher shortage, maybe is SPS how is that Trumps fault? Is Trump to blame for the shortage of ferry boat workers or welders?

3)DeVos has no control over SPS.

4)There has always been standardized testing in public schools.

It looks like your are trying to make an issue where one doesn't exist.

SEA, what are you talking about? The district's enrollment has gone up and down and now it's up.

Well, when leaders bad-mouth teachers and criticize the union for wanting to prove a living wage for teachers, yes, it helps create a teacher shortage.

Of course, DeVos has no direct control over SPS but yes, there are federal regs the district must follow. The person who is the Sec'y of DOE sets the agenda and the tone.

Standardized testing has changed since I was a kid; maybe you're just very young.

I'm thinking you aren't in SEA. End of this particular discussion.
Anonymous said…
--SEA is short for Seattle

DeVos wants to remove regulations...try and keep your complaining consistent.

Charter schools have had or will have minimal impact on enrollment, vouchers the same. SPS actually want's both to help with capacity issues and they are more than happy to lose a couple of $million for the help.

SPS can always turn to the H1B visa program like all the tech companies have. I'm sure there are 1000s of people capable and willing to take those vacant teaching positions.

Standard is when students take the same test. I'm sure that's how it always been. Are you confusing high stakes testing with standard testing...really how could anyone logically argue against standardizing various test and curriculum.


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