Guess Who's Coming to Dinner in Seattle (well, Bellevue)?

Betsy DeVos.

Yes, the folks over at the Washington Policy Center have scored the services of Secretary DeVos for their annual fundraiser dinner on October 13th.  Tickets starts at $350.  The event will be held at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue.

There is already a protest rally being organized.  Naturally, having the event at an eastside hotel (which tend to have large swaths of parking lots) makes protesting more of a faraway event but I think that was by design.

I expect this protest will pick up steam as the event gets closer.  Myself? Looking for a bear costume or pondering buying a ticket.  I think it would be of value to have someone listening (and reporting) exactly what she says). 


Michael Rice said…
Start a GoFundMe. I will be happy to donate.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I'd chip in to help you infiltrate.

Scrawny Kayaker
Anonymous said…
I'm going to attend so show my support for school vouchers. It will also give me chance to provide her with information on the failures of SPS ,OSPI and USDE in supporting special education students here in Seattle.

SPED Parent
I just may do that, thanks Michael.

Very funny, Sped parent. She won't allow any public school parent within 500 feet of her.
Anonymous said…
You had to go and ruin my dream!

SPED Parent
Here's my GoFundMe page.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
October? In Trump years that is like a decade. Who knows they might all be in jail by then.

--Lock Him Up
Well, that was fast - I have enough money for a ticket. Thanks so much to all who contributed and to Michael Rice for encouraging me to do this.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Dear Secretary DeVos ,

I'm writing you this memo to inform you of a possible security threat. Please view

There is a group mobilizing to disrupt and promote violence against others who do not share their views.

One of the main organizers of the violence is blogger Melissa Westbrook of Seattle WA.

Ted Velete
Seattle Washington

Anonymous said…
I would appreciate and believe it's a good idea for school board members to stay out of the anti-Trump rhetoric. Many parents and students support our nation and it's president.

Geary you are already a lame duck, so why do you continue your antics.

Is the $50 donation an attempt get back an Westbrook's good side?

Ted, I am so sorry you don't know how to read. If you did, you'd see my GoFundMe says that I am not going to do anything at the dinner except listen. And, since I will be inside, I won't really be able to be part of any outside protest.

No one has done any violence against Secretary DeVos and no one will at this protest. No group or I have done any such promoting. It is lawful to protest in the U.S.A.

I don't know that Director Geary wanting to hear what the head of public education in the U.S. is a bad thing. I think she just wants to be fully informed and knows that it won't come from most media outlets (not in the thorough manner that I will do it).

We may have differing views on some topics but I like and respect Director Geary.

And it is "its", not "it's" in this case.

Anonymous said…
Interesting, should I troll through all your old post to point out your grammatical faux pas? People who live in glass houses.

You're it!

Grammar Nazi
Anonymous said…
"Lame duck Geary", now that's so true. Geary really seems like a Trump supporter. I know for a fact her husband is, so I only assume. Geary seems to step in it every time.

HCC watcher
HCC Watcher, I would leave someone's spouse out of any discussion unless it's directly related. Many people are married to spouses who do not share all their political leanings.
Anonymous said…
Didn't you allow school board candidates children's private school attendance to be relevant in discussions? Well then why wouldn't you allow the political views of spouses of seated directors? I think it much more relevant considering the divisiveness of the Trump administration. How could a good old liberal progressive like Jill and a Trump supporter possibly see eye to eye. Geary very well could be a closet Trump supporter how else do you explain her statements on HCC.

HCC watcher
HCC Watcher, I think it okay to note where someone's child goes to school and that's it. I didn't delete what was said about Geary's husband but it's faulty logic to assume that everything he believes is what she believes. Either that or you have never been married.

I'll have to ask Director Geary about HCC because I didn't know she felt that way previous to this year. But it's just a big leap to say she's a Trump supporter.
I have received enough donations to attend the dinner. Thank YOU to all who donated!

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