Your First School Project (Via the District's Error)

From SPS:

Whoops! We made a mistake and we apologize.Inside the newly released 2017-18 Academic Wall Calendar, on the bottom left corner of each month under “Key dates”, we typed the line “One-hour early release” for every Wednesday. The information is not accurate. Instead, schools will release students 75-minutes early every Wednesday, except on the first day of school. 

Now, we have a fun fix!

Think of it as the FIRST school assignment of the 2017-18 school year and a fun “back to school” project for the family!
- Dig into your “back to school” items
- Pick out a fun marker, favorite color crayon, or No. 2 pencil
- Cross out the words “One-hour” and write in “75-minutes”

Fun project aside, again, we apologize for the mistake. Please also contact your individual school or refer to your school’s newly revamped webpage for up to date and accurate information on new Bell Times and Early Release times.

Here is a link to new Bell Times and Early Release times on the district website.
One more reminder... Early Release will be every Wednesday, EXCEPT the first day of school.


Anonymous said…
What a bunch of idiots. I'm trusting SPS with my children's education, but they can't proofread? Every other email has an error!

Just ugh
Anonymous said…
Just ugh, I totally agree. Couldn't they proofread and now they are asking us to correct their mistake by saying it is a "fun school project." No Thank You! Also, I appreciated when the school calendars included important contact information, stats and maps. This new calendar is very sparse. Wonder if this was a rush job. I also wonder who is in charge of the Communications Dept these days. In addition to the calendar, lately there have been tons of typos and awkward wording in the Superintendent's blog and other district communications.

Anonymous said…
Speaking of proofreading, the timing of the early release shouldn't be hyphenated in either case (75 minutes, NOT 75-minutes). Way to be an example, SPS.

Edge said…
Actually if you're following The Chicago Manual of Style, and you should be, the hyphen is certainly correct in "one-hour early release." For the correction, it should be "75-minute early release" (singular form). The hyphen in the former case avoids a potential instance of ambiguity; the hyphen in the latter case is not strictly needed but is also not actually ungrammatical or indefensible.
Anonymous said…

"Back to School Project for the Family"

Whoops! We made a mistake we apologize. The information is not accurate. Releasing students early every day except first day. Of school now we have a fun fix! We apologize. Newly released we typed 75-minutes except think of it. The FIRST. Back-to-school every Wednesday except "Key dates", we apologize. 75-minutes. Except first day. Here is a link. Now Dig. Pick out. Favorite color crayon or No 2 pencil up to date and accurate. Fun fix! We apologize. Cross out write in. Newly revamped. Whoops!
One more reminder... we apologize.
Fun fix.

Anonymous said…
Another example of complacency and contentment down at JSCEE.

These folks get paid good money and should be working more effectively. Pro-active seems to not be in the vocabulary at district HQ.

However, I suspect a fair share of these blunders are intentional to throw activist parents, the board and community members off the scent of their machinations.

After observing the district for some 20 years, the pattern repeats itself. Confuse, delay, form Task forces, have meetings; all the while running the district in an opaque fashion.

Case in point. HCC is a huge cost saver for the district. It allows money to flow into SpEd and GenEd instead of the enormous cost it would entail to provide appropriate services at neighborhood schools, but no one from the district AL office would ever admit that.

This "typo" could easily be just another diversionary tactic.


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