Wednesday, December 01, 2021

BHS Parents - Is Your Student Going to the Meeting Today?

Update: I was mistaken about the meeting; it is just  about addressing the issues around sexual harassment/assault. 

It appears it is at the same time as tryouts for the school musical so that's kind of tone-deaf.

From what I am hearing, more students are interested in going to protest at today's Board meeting. (Just to note, the Board is having their election for Board leadership so there will be a new president. It's 99% going to be Brandon Hersey.

There are 16 spaces open on the speaker list so if your child is going to the Board meeting, tell them to sign up and they have 2-minutes for each person.

end of update.

The meeting about strife at Ballard High that appears to take place right after school?

Could you ask your student to record the audio of the meeting by requesting to put their phone on the stage or table where the adults will be speaking? It’s a public meeting so they have a legal right to do so. 

Or take notes especially about what the students’ concerns that get expressed are? The size of the crowd? The adults running the meeting? Any mention of Principal Wynkoop?

Also, let us know if the adults suggest a moment of silence for the three Oxford High students who were killed yesterday. 

I would love to do a write-up. 

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