Monday, May 05, 2014

Give BIG is Tuesday, May 6th

Seattle Foundation is having its Give BIG day tomorrow where donations made to non-profits will be enlarged via a "stretch pool" of funding. The amount of the "stretch" depends on how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day. It starts at midnight tonight and ends at midnight on the 6th.  Here's a list of non-profits - find your favorite and give BIG!

Among mine:
- NEST - (North East Seattle Together) is a grass-roots community dedicated to ensuring that as we grow older, we can continue to live safely and confidently in our own homes, in the neighborhoods we love. (note: this is a national org so there could be one supporting elders in your neighborhood).

- 826 Seattle - providing tutoring and project support  - at 826 headquarters and in schools throughout the area. 

- ACLU Washington

- Seattle Public Libraries

- NW Film Forum

- Art Corps

- Richard Hugo House

- League of Women Voters

One odd note is seeing Washington Policy Center in with "education."  They're a right-wing think tank. 


mirmac1 said...

Washington Autism Alliance : )

Anonymous said...

Two of my favorites:

Hunger Intervention Program -(HIP)Currently supplying weekend and holiday food packs for John Rogers, Olympic Hills and Viewlands (also Briarcrest, in Shoreline).

Seattle Audubon Society - Their environmental education program, FUN (Finding Urban Nature), serves 3rd and 4th grade students, free of charge, at several local elementary schools.

- North-end Mom

Melissa Westbrook said...

Yes, let us know your favorites, as well.

Andrea Ptak said...

Book-It Theater, which adapts books by many local authors and has a tremendous Arts & Education program for area school children.

Diverse Harmony – The first gay–straight alliance youth choir in the country. It is now 11 years old, and has more than 60 members of young people aged 13–21.

Anonymous said...

Can you repost the thread on Garfield? It appears truncated.

Anonymous said...

PNW Girls Collaborative Project to increase girls' participation in science and tech.


Anonymous said...

An estimated 200,000 victims of bullying bring weapons, including guns, to school over the course of a month, according to the authors' analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control's 2011 Youth Risk Surveillance System Survey. That's a substantial portion of the estimated 750,000 high school students who bring weapons to school every month.

At the CDC website the data for Seattle in 2011 showed that 11.1% of males high school students had taken a weapon to school in the preceding 30 days (sample size of 951).

Food for thought

lriedel said...

Vera Project!

Mission statement:
The Vera Project fuels personal and community transformation through collaborative, youth-driven engagement in music and art.

My 15 year old loves it there and volunteers at their shows at least once a month. Great education programs too.

Eliza Gordon said...
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Stephen Nolan said...

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