Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last Three Days for GET

Washington State's GET program (Guaranteed Education Tuition) is in its three final days for this round of enrollment.  Now, thru the end of May, they will be waiving the $50 enrollment fee.

June 30th is the last date to add to your account if you are already enrolled.


Andrea Leigh Ptak said...

I highly recommend GET—at least for now. It was the best investment in our college fund portfolio. Wish now we had done more, but we diversified.

Financial Planner said...

Those must have been the good ol' days, Andrea. The current price is $172/unit with a payout value of $117. That's a 47% premium. It's hard to believe college tuition will continue to increase at the same rate it has in the past. The last reasonable time to buy in was about 4 or 5 years ago.

Buyer beware. WA GET needs enough people to buy in at current (we can argue possibly inflated) prices to pay out the guarantees made to those who got in early (when it was a screaming deal).

Andrea Leigh Ptak said...

That may be true now. I believe we paid about $70 a unit and just cashed it in recently. It did much better than mutual funds purchased in the late-90s.

It still might be a decent buy if you have an infant. At least it is guaranteed tuition.

And I certainly hope the rate of increase for college tuition slows. It's already unaffordable for many, many families.

Charlie Mas said...

People who use GET need to understand what it is, and those who discourage it need to understand what it isn't.

It is not an investment; it is an inflation hedge. People who think of it as an investment are thinking about it wrong.

Mickle Schewzger said...

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