2012 Public Education Finances, Census of Governments

A new report has just come out called Public Education Finances: 2013 (2012 Census of Governments).  I'm just digging in but it makes for great comparisons to other states (and what it all might mean). 

For example for Public Elementary-Secondary School System Revenue Source by State, we see Washington in the upper middle with California on top and South Dakota at the bottom.   For Public Elementary-Secondary School SystemCurrent Spending by Major Function (instruction, support services, others), Washington is again in the upper middle (and, to the naked eye, the amounts look nearly the same).  You look at New York state and you see most of their dollars going to instruction.

And once again, for our friends at the Washington Policy Center (and others), Washington state does not even fund to the national average of $10,608.  The report has it at $9,637 for Washington with the high being Alaska and District of Columbia at $17,468 and the low being Idaho at $6,659. 

Seattle is the 96th largest school system in the U.S. (but that number is at 49,269  for 2012 and the district will be over 54,000 next year.)  If the district projections of 60k by 2020 hold, Seattle will move to about 67th in the country.  (Note: many districts are large because they are regional/county rather than city.) 


Watching said…
Washington State pushes retiree medical subsidies onto Seattle Public School's budget. Do we know if other states do the same?
James Bowden said…
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