Can You Speel? Not Me

All the winning words from the National Spelling Bee since 1925 via Washington Post.  (Surprise the kids this weekend with "Pop quiz!" Then ask them to define the words, just kidding.) 

But I say, with no shame, that from about 1995 on, I'd have to guess what most of those words mean.

The winner was 13-year-old Arvind Mahankali from New York with knaidel, a type of dumpling eaten especially in Jewish households during Passover.  

Among the surprises for winning words on the list:

narcolepsy (1976), staphylococci (1987), psoriasis (1982), eczema (1965),

croissant (1970)

Strange but True
promiscuous (1937),  incisor (1975), gladiolus (1925)

My favorites have to be Chihuahua and insouciant.


Anonymous said…
2014 Spelling Bee winners are NY Sriram Hathwar, 14, and Texan Ansun Sujoe, 13.

First co-winners in 50 years. Pretty exciting to watch. Our local student Tea Freeman-Susskind made it to the semi.

bad speller
You know, I thought there were co-winners but when I Googled the word, somehow it did not come up that way.

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