Call Your House Member and Urge a "No" Vote on H.R. 10

 Update: It passed overwhelmingly but we'll have to see what the Senate says.  Here's a good accounting from the Huffington Post on this bill.  To note:

Mary Kusler, the NEA's government relations director, also raised concerns about accountability. "Some provisions of the underlying bill represent improvements, such as requiring greater charter authorizer accountability, and including weighted lotteries to address under-enrollment of disadvantaged students," she wrote. "However, the underlying bill falls short in key areas: including no mandatory disclosure and reporting on key data including funding from private sources, no independent audit requirements, no open meetings requirements and no conflict of interest guidelines."

Funny because DFER and others in Washington State continue to go on and on about charters being "public schools."  If they don't have to report their data and don't have to have open meetings, it doesn't sound all that "public."  

End of update.

Which is the Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act and will expand - even more quickly - charter schools.  What is really disturbing about this is that it is almost designed to punish any state that choose a more methodical or "go slow" method of charter approval or expansion.  NY Times story for more information.

What's very sad is that Congress cannot work together - and hasn't for the last several years - to overhaul NCLB so they are going at the work piecemeal. 

Here's contact information for Washington State. 


Anonymous said…
Teachers fight their charter schools:

Charter school teachers in Philadelphia are speaking out against their employer taking over another school while ignoring teachers at existing schools.

Instead of supporting management's expansion plans, they're making common cause with parents at the targeted school, Luis Muñoz-Marín Elementary.

The teachers want to unionize in the charter teacher local of the AFT.
Aspira charter chain teachers rallied in the pouring rain at the company's Philadelphia headquarters on Wednesday. For over a year they have been clashing with the chain, seeking union recognition and a role in school decisions.

"I just feel like they are not in a position to grow," said Hanako Franz, a teacher at Aspira's Olney High School. The teachers have been phone banking Marín parents to discuss concerns that Aspira schools leave parents and teachers out of decisions.

Teachers have filed four unfair labor practices against Aspira, including one against the chain for barring teachers from criticizing their school online.

Aspira got rid of that policy as a result of the charge. (more)

Well??? said…
After I 1240 passed, Lisa McFarlane was trying to "get her head around" various scenarios. Too bad, she didn't get her "head around" scenarios before she worked to pass this awful piece of legislation.

Those that pushed I 1240 foolishly thought they could craft legislation that would allow only "good" charter schools in Washington state.

Good luck with that.

The pro- charter...Center for Education reform even has a problem with HB 10:

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