Oversight Work Session on Coordinated Health, Safety & Security

There will be a Work Session today from 4-5:30 pm that could be of some interest as it covers a variety of topics.  It's the Oversight Work Session on Coordinated Health, Safety & Security  (Coordinated Health and Safety & Security are two different presentations).  This is Pegi McEvoy's area and she tends to be fairly straight-forward so at least there's a fighting chance of understanding the presentation.

I do have to wonder, though,  at the ability of staff to cover such large presentations AND allow for questions from the Board.

As usual the S.W.O.T. page has the most intriguing information  (that would be Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats/Risks).  From the Coordinated Health presentation:

Under Weaknesses, there's:
Lack of integration of data systems (collection and reporting) needed for tracking outcomes

In ability (sic) to access data and needed departmental reports

I see this in most Oversight Work Sessions and it baffles me. I thought this district HAD made a huge investment in data systems. I would really love to see the list of what has been purchased for data collection AND what it is that each department thinks is needed.

Then there were these two in relation to the City:


•Continue collaboration efforts across departments and with City of Seattle to break down silos


•Diminishing support from the Families and Education Levy and reductions of Family Support Program positions

Not sure if that last one means because of lack of outcomes per the Levy demands or just fewer dollars coming in as the Levy diminishes

•Maintaining student privacy while garnering data sharing agreements with community partners

So why IS it important to garner data sharing agreements? Frankly, that work seems to be on the partners' end, not the district's.

And this:

•Relying on grant resources to fund department services

Never a good idea.

Good things:

• Formed School Health Action Committee/Wellness Taskforce updating local wellness policies (Competitive Foods and Physical Education)

• Transitioned 14 elementary schools from pre-packed fruits & vegetables to use of salad bars

• Secured grant funding to continue fresh fruit & vegetable snack program at 13 schools

• Expanded fruit & vegetable program to include nutrition education component

From the Safety and Security Presentation S.W.O.T. analysis:

Use of web base security system to reduce building theft and vandalism of District property

But we did learn from the Operations Committee that the district can't always track who has what district property.

 - Inequitable distribution of emergency supplies
- JSCEE inside the liquefaction zone
Well, that's not good.
  • Ensure all schools are trained in Critical Incident Management and have updated and complete Emergency Action Plans
  • Ensure all new construction is uniformed(sic) in the installation and use of technology
 Yes, these would be good things to do.  At the very least, each school should have a complete emergency action plan.

- Responding to new substance delivery systems 
Ricin?  I don't know what this means. 
- Increased students rights for self protection under RCW 9.91.160 (personalprotection spray devices) 
I didn't hear about this new law, either.   I read thru it and I see they need a clause so that kids can't bring this to school.


Disgusted said…
Has anyone done a FOIA request to ascertain amt. of information city wants, tracking student information, threats of withholding F&E supports, who will pay for needed technology and staff etc.?

Burgess Disliker said…
"Continue collaboration efforts across departments and with City of Seattle to break down silos


•Diminishing support from the Families and Education Levy and reductions of Family Support Program positions"

Is this an attempt for Burgess to control our schools?
Arne Burgess said…
Any chance we're looking at carrot and sticks with the City??
Yes, I believe Councilman Burgess,who I believe does head the committee that oversees the F&E levy, does believe in carrots and sticks.

But he also wants the universal pre-K to be his marquee project. For that, he will need the support and help of the district.

Tax Man said…
The F&E math results were below SPS's. Do you know if the city provides their own math services for children receiving math and F&E levy support?

The city denied funding to a very HIGH poverty school.
mirmac1 said…
The City and the apparatchiks on the FEL Oversight committee (usual suspects) play politics with our tax money. Tim "you're WELCOME!" Burgess thought our $232M were his ticket to mayordom. Now he wants to tax us again for his universal preschool initiative. If Burgess wants it, I'm against it.

Disgusted, the first place to start is to look at the agreement with City among the Board agendas.

On the subject of "data-sharing agreements" with CBOs. Here our "data-driven" district has just leapt willy-nilly into an area it has poor control over and no data to support. What a crock!
Charlie Mas said…
I just read that law. It is the "mace everywhere" law.
Disgusted said…
I understand Hawthorne was denied F&E funding. HAWTHORNE!!
Anonymous said…
Most people would agree that Hawthorne would benefit from additional funding, but we don't know the details of their application. The Levy is structured with a competitive application process and there is not enough funding for all applicants. From the Levy page:

•Schools compete for available funds by submitting a Request for Investment proposal that outlines their needs, explains how they propose to use Levy funds, and demonstrates their ability to track students' progress as a result of Levy investments

•Individualized goals are set for each school; schools must make acceptable progress towards those goals in order to continue to receive funding

F&E Levy

There was a mention in the Committee meeting minutes of the District using MAP to measure progress.

Disgusted said…

Hawthorne has a FRL population of 88% and sp. ed population of 18%.
Yet, they are denied funding??


Anonymous said…
F&E levy $$$'s used to go straight into the schools that needed them. Now there is a complicated application process that schools have to go through to be awarded the money, and 1/4 of F&E money is now paying for Preschool.

The SWOT analysis of the "diminishing F&E $'s" is real. The City is playing gate keeper with those funds.
Wait/What? said…
What is SWOT?
Lynn said…
As usual the S.W.O.T. page has the most intriguing information (that would be Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats/Risks).

Health safety and security is being important in any organization. Health and safety is the responsibility of both employer and employee. The Employer must provide a safe working environment for their employees, carrying out risk assessments and providing safety measures and precautions and giving employees procedures to follow.

Arnold Brame

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