Arbor Heights Appeal Hearing

From the West Seattle blog, a detailed accounting of the appeal hearing held on Thursday asking for an environmental review.  The appeal was brought by long-time district watcher, Chris Jackins. 

In a brief closing statement, Jackins contended that “everything about this project seems to be rushed,” and he said that the supplemental studies presented by the district had not been done before the SEPA checklist was issued, so the information hadn’t been presented to the public, which should have had the chance to review it in the environmental process: “This is not the way to do an environmental review.”

For his closing statement, Hill said that doing “significant work” after an appeal was filed is not unusual, since “the respondent has the right to develop evidence,” and he said all that evidence “reinforced the (Determination of Non-Significance) decision” not to require a full environmental review. He added, “There really has been no successful effort on part of appellants to demonstrate any significant adverse impacts.” 

The presiding hearing examiner said she expected to present Superintendent José Banda with her written decision within 10 days.


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