Thursday, September 07, 2017

This and That

Schools within SPS (and agencies serving those schools) will be receiving grants from King County's Best Starts for Kids levy.  You can see the list for Seattle Schools at the link, pages 8-9.  I also note a grant to the Washington State Charter Schools Association.
King County Executive Dow Constantine today launched two new Best Starts for Kids initiatives that will help schools and their partners better address the impacts of trauma, and promote resilience so that children and youth can bounce back after experiencing adversity.

The combined $1.46 million in funding will provide 98 partners in 14 school districts with tools and training to support children and young people through experiences of childhood trauma and adversity, and expand mental-health support in 56 King County middle schools.
Interesting language in SPS' flyer on"Parent/Guardian & Volunteer Code of Conduct 2017-2018."

 "In order to support a peaceful and safe school environment, the
following parent/guardian or volunteer behavior will not be tolerated:
Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments regarding the school or
any of the students/parents/staff on social media or other sites."

Now apparently there is no signature and return to this document required but I would gently point out to the district that there is a thing called the First Amendment.

Of course, if there is slander or libel involved, the district or staff member in question could act.

As well, if a volunteer is doing this at a school and creating an unhealthy environment, he/she could be asked to leave.

But is the district saying they are now going to monitor social media sites like Facebook pages or Twitter feeds for such language?  What happens if the district does see such language? Is the parent or volunteer called into someone's office?

Interesting article from The Inlander on Spokane's public high schools.  They point out that Spokane allows parents to enroll their child at any high school.   Each high school seems to have a definite focus.  They don't say how many students are enrolled at each but it sounds like they don't have enrollment issues.  I note that they don't mention their one charter school that is expanding to include high school.

There's a workshop on picking an elementary school for your child in Seattle - public, private or "alternative."
The workshop is run by a person I have never heard of before but educational experts abound in our region.


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