Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Board Officer Elections

At the first Board meeting in December, the School Board will be electing new officers. This follows current Board policy on Election of Officers. Brita Butler-Wall has told fellow Board members that she does not wish to continue as Board president. Rumor has it that current Vice President, Cheryl Chow, wants to be President, and that Darlene Flynn wants to be Vice President.

In December, the board committees will also be changing. The new Board President will appoint the committees and committee chairs, in consultation with the rest of the board.

I'm not sure what this change will mean for the School Board in a time of turmoil, but I'm personally very concerned about the idea of having Cheryl Chow, the Board member who is perceived (rightly or wrongly) as being the least reponsive to community members, as the new Board President.

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