Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Latest Seattle School Board Meeting Video Now Available

The October 4th School Board meeting video has now been posted at:

Seattle Public Schools Board Meeting

I missed the meeting, but have heard from several people that you had to "see it to believe it."


Anonymous said...

I have attended a lot of Board meetings over the past five years, more than many of the Board members. I have seen some rowdy ones from time to time. After a raucous one, there are always people who write letters to the editor, testify at following Board meetings, or post to blogs complaining about the rudeness, disrespect, or incivility of the public at these meetings.

Invariably, these complaints begin "I attended my first Board meeting last night and I was shocked..."

I think that if these people were not attending their first Board meeting, they would not be nearly as shocked.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video and I've got to say that it wasn't that bad. The Board over-reacted and Cheryl Chow REALLY over-reacted.

Director Chow has been in line for more than her share of disparaging remarks. At a recent meeting Don Alexander suggested that the Board members should be paid for all the work they do - except for Cheryl Chow who doesn't do anything. At this meeting on the video one person specifically said that Director Chow should NOT be elected the Board President.

Let's remember that while schools in Southeast Seattle were being closed and there were a lot of accusations of racism, Director Chow, the School Board member for that part of town, didn't say a word in one direction or the other. She didn't actively oppose the closures as unjust, but neither did she go out to the community and make the case for them.