Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Raj's Final Recommendations for Phase II

Roxhill is not going to be closed. The rest of Raj's recommendation as listed in the Board Meeting Agenda remains the same.

The relevant text from the Board meeting agenda follows:

The recommended motion is: "I move that the School Board take the following action related to school closure and consolidation:

1. Close the Genesee Hill building and expand the alternative K-8 West Seattle program by joining the Pathfinder and Cooper communities in the Cooper building.

2. Close the Pinehurst building and co-locate the AS #1 and Summit programs in the Jane Addams building.

3. Expand the Broadview-Thomson program from a K-5 to a K-8 and merge the Viewlands program, including the autism inclusion program, into Broadview-Thomson.

I further move that the School Board endorse the Superintendent’s recommendation that:

1. Affected students will receive notification of their assignment for 2007-08 prior to the Open Enrollment Period (January 16-February 20, 2007).

2. Families will have the opportunity to participate in open enrollment if they want their student to attend a different school.

3. When an older child in a family is reassigned to a new school for September 2007 as a result of school closure/consolidation, incoming siblings applying for that school will have "sibling priority" for admission to the older child’s newly assigned school.


Read the full text of Raj's final recommendation for more details.


Anonymous said...

The level of disregard for the communities (staff, students, families) that the district "supposedly" serves is astounding. I honestly can't believe Raj and his "staff" were so blatant about discounting all the input they received regarding the consolidations/closures from most of the communities (for some reason they listened to Roxhill - after reading the testimonies from their site hearing, I'm genuinely glad for them). But what about the other schools?

This is an unbelievable insult - to not even ACKNOWLEDGE one word of the feedback that THEY solicited. The shameless disregard for and squandering of their CUSTOMERS' time, energy, passion, and money by requiring us to jump through hoops to "give feedback", all for utterly nothing, is an outrage.

This train wreck has gotta be stopped!!!

Beth Bakeman said...

I personally find this phrase particularly insulting: "the site visits and hearings regarding AS#1 and Pathfinder/Cooper served to reinforce what was previously understood about those programs..."

Anonymous said...

I note that the Superintendent has, yet again, different language for Cooper/Pathfinder. "Expand the alternative K-8 West Seattle program" - well, the only one is Pathfinder. But since they don't use the name Pathfinder, it makes me wonder that they are trying to hedge their bets.

One other BEX III item; Hale is supposed to be rebuilt to its current size capacity which is about 1600. They currently have about 1100. If the district rebuilds Hale, will they require them to expand (something they are adamantly against but the capacity is needed)?

Anonymous said...

This is the language that struck me:
"What is known is that the enrollment of each program has been decreasing over time, the Pinehurst building is no longer a viable option for AS #1, and the enrollment of the Summit program cannot justify maintaining the program at the Jane Addams building on its own."

I think almost the EXACT same language could be used to move a school into co-location with the AAA.

The enrollment at the AAA dropped below 400 this year.

Anonymous said...

More power to Roxhill for keeping the vultures at bay, but I have to wonder if Raj weren't intending to keep it open all along. The media headlines are all reporting that he "saved" one school, not that he refused to help several others.

Anonymous said...

In the P.I. it says " In West Seattle, the Pathfinder K-8 alternative program would move from its rundown Genesee Hill building into the newer Cooper Elementary and remain a K-8 school, though district officials have said they want the program to adopt some aspects of the traditional Cooper K-5 program.".
Just what are those aspects? Who gets to decide? Sounds once again like they are pitting our two communities against each other. Raj has a "dream" that this will create a great new program - sounds like a nightmare to me!!

Anonymous said...

If the School Board goes along with the Pathfinder/Cooper merger/closure, I hope the School District gets sued--AGAIN. They deserve it.