Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Today's Events

Two interesting Seattle Schools' events today:

- At 12:56 pm, the Which Way Seattle? Series: Inequality in Public Education on the Seattle Channel, cable channel 21 or live on the web by clicking the Seattle Channel Live link.

- Tonight from 7 pm to 8:30 pm, the Third Annual Forum: Arts Education in Seattle Public Schools at the Nathan Hale High School Performing Arts Center. A free event sponsored by the Seattle Arts Commission, the Mayor's Office of the Arts & Cultural Affairs and Seattle Public Schools. Chief Academic Officer Carla J. Santorno will discuss next steps to putting the arts back in education, and Superintendent Raj Manhas will present a 2005-06 progress report. For more information call (206) 684-7171 or send a message to arts.culture@seattle.gov.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the link Beth
I was thinking of attending- but I am tired of meetings that are attended by the same people- who don't want to hear perspectives other than their own.

The way teaching methods are presented- it seems that it has to be "either- or"

A skilled teacher , can teach across the curriculum. Can use all those digital video cameras the parent group pays for, for students to film interviews while studying local history.

Can utilize kilns to make representational/stylized models in biology class
Self Portraits could be a focus in health when discussing self concepts and goals.
There is nothing that says that teachers cant do any of those things and more & at many schools that don't call themselves "art" schools they are.

The difference is, at the "traditional" schools, juniors in high school, can't turn in a poster as a substitute for a research paper in Language arts & seniors can't do a dance for their senior project.

If we want to have a dedicated performing arts school thats fine-I would expect skilled teachers and ease in attracting grants & students would be conscious of attending an "arts focus school", but right now the diplomas at one school should be as meaningful as the diploma from one 5 miles away.

Students shouldn't be graduating with a 3.5GPA and have to take remedial anything.
and no I am anonymous not because I am trying to hide my identity, but because I forgot my password!