Sunday, October 01, 2006

Send E-mail to Feedback

I added a link last week (at the right) to make it easy for anyone to send e-mail to Feedback@seattleschools.org. According to remarks Holly Ferguson made last week, she and the principal in charge of the school closure/consolidation transition (Hajera?) read all the messages that come into that e-mail address.

So if you have some spare time on your hands, send an e-mail to Feedback. Let Feedback know how you feel about the Phase II closure and consolidation recommendations, the implementation of Phase I closure and consolidation recommendations, the upcoming BEX III Levy plan, changes to transportation and student assignment, or anything else that is on your mind.


mammatoni said...

I hope they listen! I'm sending a message right now, cc'ing it to Raj and the School Board.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Write to Feedback!

The messages are being read. They are being counted.

When you write to Feedback, please be courteous. This anonymous and unaccountable email address is not personally responsible for the proposals made by the District staff.

You may, however, bring attention to the fact that your message is gonig to an anonymous and unaccountable email address. You may bring attention to the fact that correspondence with Feedback is neither interactive nor satisfying.

Please consider Feedback as a sort of petition. What would it mean if they got five hundred messages opposing the consolidation of AS#1 into the Jane Addams building? Could they ignore that? How would it appear on the report of their community engagement effort?

Anonymous said...

This feedback is something the district needs to report to the Board and Superintendent on a regular basis. I read the e-mail for the CAC (and answered it)and reported back regularly to the group at large (they also could access the e-mails on their own).