Church and State working together?

Reading the PI this morning, I saw this article about the First United Methodist Church and its move to Belltown. I stopped when I saw this:

"The church's 1950s-era administrative wing will be torn down to make room for the skyscraper. The saved sanctuary will be renovated for public use, but what exactly it will become remains undecided. With the building's acoustics, it might make a good performing-arts center, Daniels said. One idea, he said, is a collaboration with Seattle Public Schools to take student performances downtown."

That does sound good and would be a nice downtown venue for any and all student groups who might want to put on performances. I wish I knew who in the district to direct this information to because it should be on the district's radar. This would be a good partnership that would let Seattle know (and hear) more of the good things that are happening in our schools.

I recall that when Rainier Beach's new performing arts hall was built that many arts organizations expressed interest in helping foster the arts there but no one in the district followed up and Rainier Beach barely has any performing arts. But! They are performing, in conjunction with Broadway Bound Children's Theater, the Wizard of Oz from June 7th to 9th. Also, Broadway Bound will be putting on Dreamgirls from August 17-25 at the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Center at RBHS.


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