Hale's New Principal

It was announced today that Marni Campbell, currently principal at Eckstein, will be Hale's new principal. Eckstein's loss is Hale's gain. My son graduated from Hale last year and I believe it was a good place for him and has many wonderful teachers and staff. I personally thought, however, that the principal was not good in many areas. I find Marni to be friendly but not cloying, firm but not rigid. Of course, this now leaves Eckstein without a principal.


Anonymous said…
Does anyone know if the district or Marni have any plans to make Hale more rigorous? Bring it back to being a college prep school? Increase enrollment to it's capacity?

Or, will she support their current philosophy, and work with the academy /small school theme, and a weak AP program?

If anyone has info I'd love to hear it.

Also, who will replace her at Eckstein?
Eckstein is also a member of the national group that Hale belongs to - the Coalition of Essential Schools. (Hale is further along in its following of the CES mission.) I think she definitely picked being there so I'd think she goes along with it.

Hale has held the line on enrollment saying it would fundamentally change how they do things like the mentorship program. But, they can't for long because between their renovation (I doubt the district is spending over $90M for a 1,000 seat school) and the district's new thoughts on assignment (which I'll post in a separate piece), I doubt they can continue as a smaller high school.

Also, the Board and Carla Santorno are quite clear in their vision that all schools have to have AP and Honors. Whether they mean schools have to have separate classes or offer AP help (as they do for most AP offerings at Hale), I don't know.

Who will replace Marni Campbell? Well, it's pretty late in the year to convene a committee (you have to do training and get members from different parts of the school community). I suspect they'll get an interim and start getting a committee together in the fall. Or, the district has someone in the wings already.
Anonymous said…
What I really want to know is will Marni strenghthen Hale? Make it more rigorous, add more and stronger AP classes etc?

Anyone know??

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