SchoolKids Come First website

I was browsing for one thing on Google and found this group, SchoolKids Come First (yet another group I hadn't heard of). Here's their blurb about their work:

"SchoolKidsComeFirst was founded by Dick Lee (Ballard HS ’61) and Rich Carr as an outgrowth of their involvement in and passion for community partnerships and fundraising for all school kids. The site was inspired by a similar venture that has raised over $2 million for New York public schools over the past two years; Dick and Rich believed the Seattle community was just as committed to public education and the future of all their children, and would respond avidly to the opportunity to put their support to active, direct use in the classroom.

SchoolKidsComeFirst solicits proposals from teachers throughout the Seattle Public School system. Projects must involve direct student benefits, and must also provide an experience or an opportunity beyond the textbooks and supplies needed for basic education (which SchoolKidsComeFirst does not fund).

All proposals are screened by SchoolKidsComeFirst to verify the teacher, the school, the principal’s support, the exact purchase requested, the vendor, and the cost. After a project is fully funded, SchoolKidsComeFirst makes the purchase,delivers the materials to the teacher and notifies the donor(s) that the project has been fulfilled. When possible the donor will also receive a thank you letter and photos so they can see and read about the results of their donations. The 15% fulfillment fee included in the funding cost of each project covers the cost of the web site, verification, administration, and documentation. "

FYI in case your school needs help.


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