The Superintendent's First 100 Days

Back in April when Dr. Goodloe-Johnson was hired, she shared her plan for her first 100 days in Seattle. (Dr. Goodloe-Johnson's First 100 Days in Seattle)

A superintendent in Enumclaw is just finishing his first 100 days, and what he has accomplished sounds good to me. (Enumclaw schools chief making an impact in 100 days, Seattle Times)

" members are taking notice of new goals targeting four areas: communication, infrastructure, academics and culture. "Our new plan is something much more tangible and simple," said Cathy Dahlquist, Enumclaw School Board member. "I don't know if anyone could describe our old one."

...He wants to strengthen ties between parents and staff and improve community relations.

...A self-proclaimed "communicator," Nelson sends weekly letters to staff where he discusses his concerns and thoughts on the past week. For parents, he hosts community meetings and regularly sends home letters."


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