More Money for Seattle Schools

With the recent education funding passed by the state legislature, Seattle Schools will have significantly more money to spend next year.

Education was Legislature's focus, OSPI web site

Does anyone know more details about the restrictions on spending for each of the new pots of money?

For example, the funding includes "$140 million to expand flexible funding for student improvement with Initiative 728 revenue." I know there has been some discussion about how the I-728 money has been spent so far. I wonder what the plans are in Seattle for spending the additional money and whether each school will continue to have the freedom to spend those funds as desired.

Yesterday, OSPI hosted a K-20 video conference with school districts and ESDs to review the outcomes of the legislative session. Can anyone who attended share more details?

The OSPI web site says that "Updated information about the status of the budget and bills will be posted on this site as soon as they become law."


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