Roosevelt Waitlist

Just to let you know, I attended our Site Council meeting last night and the Roosevelt waitlist has moved 60-70 places. Better than the 30 they had been at. We asked if they were taking on more students and the answer was no, that they had been making calls to see who was coming for sure and that's how it moved. (Do I necessarily believe that answer? No but that's what was given. ) Roosevelt lets the district know how many spaces they have and the Enrollment office makes the assignments.

It's sad because Roosevelt is having problems with non-students coming to Roosevelt to hang out (both students from other schools, dropouts and over 18 slackers). But some of the people, I know, are Roosevelt students. It's sad because so many students (or their parents) want to get in and yet many students just don't show up. Too bad the district couldn't, after 10-15 absences in a quarter, tell parents of those students that they would be transferring their student to another school and let a student on the waitlist in. But, there's no guarantee those students would be any better.


Anonymous said…
that is a good policy -

if absent at roosevelt, bye.

if absent elsewhere, we don't care.

no-shows are a much bigger problem than keeping ...


anonymous for now.
Anonymous said…
exactly! Maybe this is why there's such a problem with "community engagement."

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