Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Careful Post

This article appeared in today's PI. It seems the former Chief Sealth girls basketball coaches who were dismissed over an alleged recruiting case are suing the district, the Seattle Times, a reporter at the Times and gulp! a blogger (who wrote about girls basketball). The former coaches are alleging discrimination and defamation and that the district and the Times targeted them because they are black (and, that the district had no business speaking to the Times). They are asking for $5M in damages. The Times is standing by its story and a spokesperson for the district couldn't be reached.

All I can say, gently, is that the charge of discrimination based on race is hard to believe given that most of the top leadership in this district is African-American. When this case occurred, it was nearly the same.


Anonymous said...

Of course it's wasn't a racist move on the part of the district to fire those coaches. But if the coaches can't blame racism they would have to take responsibility for their actions. They would have to acknowledge that they did something wrong. It's much easier to cry racism. It gets a lot of media too.

Charlie Mas said...

Are the coaches telling us that there are lots of White coaches doing the same thing, but not getting fired? If so, then name the other coaches and present evidence of their recruiting efforts.

Or, are the coaches telling us that they didn't do it, that they were framed because they are Black? If so, then why hasn't this happened to other Black coaches?

Anonymous said...

Um, perhaps they didn't get rehired (they weren't fired, the simply were not rehired) because they RECRUITED players and got caught. This is the fourth cases that they filed, and they have all been dismissed. This is seriously a WASTE of the taxpayers money at this point.