Monday, February 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

  • Board Work Session on High School Math Adoption, Wednesday, March 12, 4-5:30pm at JSH.
  • For you uber-planners, here's the school calendar likely to be approved at Wednesday's Board meeting.
  • University of Washington Adolescent Brain and Behavior Project (This is not sponsored nor endorsed by the RHS School or PTSA): Are you the parent of a 13-17 year old boy? Does your son have trouble paying attention in school, sitting still, or completing chores? -OR- Is he fidgety, restless or hyperactive? -OR- Has he been diagnosed with ADHD? If you are the parent of a 13-17 year old boy whether or not your son meets any of the symptoms above, we may be interested in inviting you to participate in a new research study on information processing in adolescent boys. Your child must be male, right-handed and not adopted in order to participate, and participation will take about 3-hours total. If the study is right for you and your son, your son will have a chance to earn up to $50 for participating. For more information, please contact the Adolescent Brain and Behavior Project at (206) 616-8647.


dan dempsey said...

This should be most interesting:
* Board Work Session on High School Math Adoption, Wednesday, March 12, 4-5:30pm at JSH.

The legislature is done around March 13th I think. Any chance there will be anything to listen to? If there was would JSCEE listen? How are we ever going to get out of the mess we are in???

Dr Rich Semler said.....
"Math fluency in multiplication, division, addition, and fractions is straightforward and easy to learn."

A friend I teach with said>>>
The above topics could be learned if the wizards at OSPI wanted these things taught. Looking at the most aligned TextBooks with the WASL as posted by OSPI over the last few years -- like TERC/Investigations, Everyday Math, Connected Math Project, Core-Plus, and Interactive Math Program -- makes it quite clear that OSPI would prefer we not teach arithmetic competence.

And so it also goes for the SPS under the failed math direction of the last decade.

So for most of the last decade the topics Dr Rich Semler mentions as straightforward have not been easy to learn - because neither OSPI nor the SPS math gurus downtown thought they needed much teaching.

Let the Blundering continue on March 12th.

Unless by some odd chance the School Board cares to exercise some rational thought processes. We shall find out on Wed Feb 27th - if the board has any interest in doing anything other than floating like a leaf down the stream doing so with out a wake or any evidence of existence. Why require or enter into a rational decision making process? I hope the promised effective new leadership arrives soon.

Anonymous said...

I can't start a thread on this blog, but here's news from our superintendent:
Staff recieved an email frm Dr. G-J announcing the work on the strategic plan, and announcing completion of some of the analysis of the "Pyramid" (nee McKinsey) survey conducted with staff. 28 percent of staff participated in this on-line survey and the results are posted now on the Strat Plan website:

Interesting read, would love to see this as a separate thread and see what people, both staff and stakeholders, think of the staffs' perceptions of their jobs in SPS.


Anonymous said...

Gordon -
Could you plesase clarify the link for the strategic plan on-line? I was unable to get there from your

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:49, here is the way to get to it through district website:
Go to www.seattleschools.org
In left menu, go down to
School Board and click on that, which brings you to:
Go to last paragraph of that page of description, and the first hyperlink in that last paragraph is “Current Issues” (blue hyper-link words) Click on that, which brings you to:
Media Resources
The first thing in the list on that page is:
Strategic Plan Index
In left menu, find:
Findings/Draft Plans (in left menu) http://www.seattleschools.org/area/strategicplan/information.xml