Monday, February 25, 2008

Curriculum Audit results

The agenda for the February 27 Board meeting includes this entry:

"III. Superintendent’s Updates
A. Superintendent’s Update (M. Goodloe-Johnson)
- Improving academic achievement: Curriculum Audit Report"

It looks like we're finally going to get to see it.

It isn't yet on the District web site - probably won't be until the Superintendent presents it - but there is a place saved for it on the Strategic Planning page.


dan dempsey said...

Hey Charlie,

I wonder if it just showed up or if they needed to invest a lot of time in creatively spinning it.

dan dempsey said...

Well when it did show up and the Phi Delta Kappa presenter continually said: You people do not know what you are doing, little evidence of spinning was evident.

So it will be on to ignoring the report next or perhaps cherry-picking a few supportive statements from it. After all we must get our $124,000 worth.