Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reminder and an Update

Today is the Board's 4-hour (bring a snack!) work session on demographics to help lead the Board's decisions on the new enrollment plan. I had heard they brought in an outside demographer (a good idea I think). It's important to consider ALL the children (not just ones in the system already) because that should be part of the planning - what if we get kids back from private school? (I know this is happening at Roosevelt - we seem to be one choice for those looking at Seattle Prep and Blanchet.)

I also recall that when Don Nielson was on the Board, he had suggested a tiebreaker for SPS "loyalty". Meaning if you had something like two or more consecutive years in SPS prior to enrolling, you get a bump up. (His constituents had been incensed that they could be displaced by students who had never been in SPS before. It's kind of a chicken or egg question: do we want more students in SPS (and their dollars) or are we trying to keep the students that we've got?

Also, this story on Omari Tahir appeared in today's PI. A judge granted a one-year ban on Mr. Tahir being anywhere near Dr. Goodloe-Johnson or Cheryl Chow. He also cannot go near any district property and can only communicate (honoring his First Amendment rights) in written form; no phone calls.

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