Friday, February 15, 2008

Heads Up on Issues that May Affect Your Adolescent

There's a couple of things that have come across my radar that I thought I would pass onto you. One was an article about the "choking game" that many pre-teen and teens try. It's basically choking yourself unconscious and getting a free-floating feeling as the blood rushes back to the brain. Eighty-two kids have died across the U.S. from engaging in this behavior (most of them boys who did it alone). Here's link to a website with stats and FAQs.

Next, all of us know about energy drinks. I personally have never tried one but they are quite popular with kids as a pick-me-up. Recently I found a website with all kinds of recipes for mixing energy drinks with alcohol.

Now, the industry has decided to cut out the middle-man and is selling energy drinks with alcohol. They have between 6-7% alcohol (higher than beer) and, sadly, are available in 7-11 type stores and supermarkets. They are in the same size silver cans as regular energy drinks so, at a glance, look just like the non-alcohol type. They are marketed under names like Tilt and Sparks and B^E (pronounced B to the E).

It is kind of a bizarre drink because alcohol is a depressant while the rest of the drink has caffeine and ginseng.

Save The Date: Tuesday, March 25, 7:00 p.m. Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking, Eckstein auditorium

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