Advisory and Advocacy Groups

I'm looking for some help. If the School-Families Partnership Advisory Committee is going to be composed, in part, by representatives from the various advisory and advocacy groups in Seattle Public Schools, then I'm going to need a list of them.

Can folks please add the names - and contact information if available - of any district advisory or advocacy groups to this thread?

Please help me keep the thread clean by not discussing the relative charms of the various groups. I'm trying to put together an unedited list. If you want to discuss a group's merits I will be happy to create all of the threads we need for that.

I'll start with the ones I know:

League of Educator Voters
Community and Parents for Public Schools - CPPS
Parent Teacher Student Association - PTSA
Save Our Schools - SOS
First Place
Accountability Coalition Concerned about Equity in Seattle (ACCESS)
CampaƱa Quetzal
Refugee and Immigrant Parent Advocacy Network (RIPAN)
The Black Child Development Institute-Seattle Affiliate
Special Education Advisory and Advocacy Council
APP Advisory Committee
Spectrum Parent Advisory Panel
Safe Schools Coalition
Citizen's Campaign for Commercial-free Schools - CCCS
Coalition to Undo Racism Everywhere - CURE

Thanks for the help!


seattle citizen said…
As I previously posted, there is a group called
African American Community Action Team.
This is faciliated by Dawn Bennett, a district employee, serving, I believe, as intermediary between parent/student/community members of this group and district administrators.
The AACAT meets regularly, and discusses, as I understand it, points of particular interest to African American students and others in the city.
I believe that Ms. Bennett reports to someone in the "School-Families" part of the district admin.
seattle citizen said…
Off-topic, but there's a short piece in today's Parade Magazine (inserted in tens of millions of newspapers across the country) about how unions supposedly mess with "the youngest teachers...a fresh source of idealism, energy, and ideas for reform"
They print Teach For America's compaints that seniority, by inference, favors the old, stale, cynical, clueless teachers. You know, those with experience? Those with ideas for reform based in that experience? Those whose ideas of reform might not conform to what some might want when they say "reform"?
I guess experienced teachers are too old, too experienced (too expensive)and too independent a lot to get with the reform program de jure.
They also get someone from the Brookings Institute to weigh in: "There is strong evidence that TFA educators do at least as well and sometimes better than other teachers [after five weeks training?]...they are a source for reform in public schools, and it will be a loss if they’re not there.”
Ka-ching! the check's in the mail, Brookings Institute!
Here's the webpage:
seattle citizen said…
Back to the thread, I don't know if they have an advoacy group, per se, but United Indians of All Tribes does considerable work with youth around the city. You might give them a ring..or beep...or ringtone...or vibrating pulse...heck, just walk over there, it's in the nicest park!
seattle citizen said…
Alternative Education Coalition

(and "hello" to you, WV!)
dan dempsey said…
Where's the Math?
Moose said…
Not sure if all these fall under the umbrella of advocacy, but here are a few more:

Powerful Schools
Sucessful Schools in Action
Rainier Scholars
ARB said…
Special Ed PTA-- SpEdPTA. Don't know contact info off the top of my head, but they have a yahoo "group"

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