September's not long away now. We're wondering what concerns are crowding your thoughts as you prepare to launch projects or put children into school, or both. What's on your personal agenda for the fall? What challenges are you facing? What issues and concerns are often in your thoughts?
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Robert said…
what about wait list? We didn't get into steven's although it is our ref school. any one else confused about wait list?
SP said…
Sorry this is off topic, but for a head's up-

Monday 8/17 4:30- 6:00pm
Curriculum & Instruction Policy meeting's agenda just posted:
"Grading Policy" is back on the agenda (even though the 4/29 Board Work Session decided to postpone implementation for yet another year) with "High School Credits for Middle School students" & a change in the RCW update listed.

I find this is interesting that HS/MS credits is back on the table. During the 4/29 Work Session (see also the 4/29 PowerPoint "High School Reform: Recommendations on Grading") there was a lot of discussion by Board Members about "equity"- they were concerned that registration for middle school was finished for next year, but not all MS's could offer HS credit if there weren't teachers with the right credentials...M. DeBell said that there should be a "clear disclosure" at each MS before registration-whether HS credit could be offered for each specific class offered.

The work group's decision at the end was to postpone the entire D46.01 as a whole package, not to be implemented until Sept. 2010.

Unfortunately, the negative impact on the students already in Middle School ready to take world languages & HS level math without earning HS credit was not discussed.

Also on the agenda: Alignment, Textbook Adoption & Materials, and Math Intervention.

Maureen said…
Transportation: How many (and which) schools will have community bus stops this year? Will assignment (distance, crossing arterials) follow the same rules as walking to school? Will we receive a letter explaining how they work or just a transportation assignment?
Unknown said…
Biggest challenge - the 9:30 start time for my Kindergartner. When school started at 9 it was feasible to trade off drop-off days with my husband and avoid before-school care. Now we will have to pay for BOTH before AND after school care. We were not able to get into a K-8 which has the earlier start time.

My son is going to Daniel Bagley Montessori. We are excited to go there both because it is a Montessori AND because it has multi-grade classrooms. Well this year because they had to add a Kindergarten, there will be one K class that is NOT multi-age. Will my son get put into it because he is young (July birthday)? Should I somehow request he be put into the multi-age classroom? If I ask about it will I get branded as the annoying parent and my son get treated differently by school staff?

Before and after school 'classes' organized by the PTA that are on-site are not yet finalized. I hear they will not be known until mid-September. How am I supposed to plan my child's schedule and make sure we have the appropriate level of before and after school care if this key piece of info is missing? I am sure other parents manage just fine and I will too but it seems unnecessarily complex to me right now.

I called the transportation line to arrange bus service for my son from his before and after school care site and was told - 'I will make sure to request that for you.' I have no idea if I need to follow up? Will I get a letter? Seems like a mysterious process to me.

What fun!
2Elementaries said…
To Mum o 2,

My child also goes to Bagley. The staff there will make every effort to make things work and help you, so feel free to express your concern about wanting a multi-age class. I'm not especially in the know, but it's possible that the new class won't be K only. The office will be open as of August 17, so you could call with questions and I'm sure the office staff would help.

As for child care, if you want or need more than the PTA classes, there is on-site care that is well-regarded. Call Shaun Parrish at The Boys' and Girls' Club, (206) 853-529, for more information about program and rates. The Bagley web site has information, too: And the web site might also answer other questions.

Good luck and welcome to Bagley! It has a strong, involved school community, so I hope you and your child will thrive there.
Anonymous said…
Another Bagley parent here. You will probably need more than just the PTA after school classes if both you and your husband are working anything but the most flexible jobs. The classes are one day/week and don't meet every week all year long. They also sometimes fill up & have to turn away kids, so it's best not to rely on them for childcare. Many parents who have kids in the boys and girls club (which is excellent) also send their kids to the PTA classes for the additional enrichment. B&G staff walk the kids from the afterschool class to the club room.
Megan Mc said…
Building community at AS#1 is probably my biggest concern. We have a new principal, 4 new teachers, loss of students because of transportation, LOTS of new students, and, potentially, a new mixed grade alignment. Many returning parents are eager to put the capacity management experience behind us and work towards building on the things that make our school great and creating a POSITIVE and EXCITING school community for our families and teachers.

My second concern, as I shared in the secret shopper thread, is working out the before and after school child care issue. A number of people are already looking at solutions to that one so I hopeful it will be resolved in time.
jp70 said…
I've heard rumors of a probable this just a rumor? I know they are in contract negotiations, but I heard some gossip through a teacher that the possibility is strong for a strike. I can't find anything supporting this rumor.
Charlie Mas said…
The teachers in Bellevue were on strike at the beginning of last year. The issue was the District's insistence on standardized instruction.

I believe that Seattle's teachers would also reject standardized instruction and would engage in a labor action to prevent it.

The current collective bargaining agreement for certificated non-supervisory employees (teachers) grants them academic freedom - the right to teach as their professional judgment leads them.
Kathy Barker said…
Military recruiting in the high schools. The College and Career Center Specialist position was not funded by the district, and only a few schools have managed to find some discretionary funds for a career specialist. This is the person who finds scholarships, helps kids fill in financial forms, gets kids to career fairs, has speakers who offer apprenticeships- and is the gatekeeper for military recruiters in the schools. Seattle has some of the best policies in the country, but recruiters find ways to get around the rules, and it will be harder to regulate them. No career specialists to find and communicate opportunities, fewer jobs- and you know just which schools and which kids are going to be the most affected....

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