Race To the Top and Randy Dorn

This Tacoma News Tribune article had a letter from Randy Dorn about the Race to the Top money:

From: Randy I. Dorn, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Re: Race to the Top money

A recent editorial by The Everett Herald as well as a report by the League of Education Voters might have created some confusion that I want to clear up.

Washington will be applying for Race to the Top money.
The exact requirements needed to receive the money have yet to be announced. But, as I’ve said many times before, we are confident about our chances based on what we’ve heard from the U.S. Department of Education.

While Washington voters have said no to charter schools, this state features many schools that are similar to the charter school philosophy, such as Aviation High School in Des Moines and the Tacoma School of The Arts. We have a system in National Board Certification that is more popular every year and rewards teachers for additional work. Our new data system tracks students by year and by class, our standards are top-notch and our assessment system is one just a dozen fully approved by the federal government.

Second, there is no penalty for applying. We’ve been told that all applications will be reviewed carefully, and applicants will be informed of where they fell short if they don’t receive money in the first round.

The application is due in the fall. When we have more details, we’ll make them available to you.


Sahila said…
“Race for the Top” is about privatising public education - turning it into a ‘for profit’ corporate business model - did you notice the rhetoric about 'competition'? from Duncan and Obama - that will reap huge benefits for some very large companies…

As in all things, if you want to really know what’s going on “follow the money”… see who the loudest and most influential voices calling for change are, track back to their other activities and you’ll notice that they arent at all disinterested parties - they have a vested interest in changing the face of public education and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare of our children…

We have big business influencing and profiting from our military activities - Haliburton etc; we have big business (insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals etc) pushing against health care reform because they know their profits will be cut; now we have big business trying to influence and push public education - worth billions of dollars in profit - into the private sector…
Sahila said…
I heard a piece on KUOW news this evening as I was driving home - The LA Unified School District Board has given the go-ahead for a private group to run almost half of LA's schools - 50 new schools and 200 'failing' schools... The Superintendent gets to pick the successful bid...


How far away is LA?????

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