Unreported thefts

Here's a story from the Weekly on unreported thefts from Seattle Public Schools. The focus of the story and the focus of the State Auditor are on the District's failure to report the losses to the auditor. I think the greater concern is the District's failure to report some of the losses to the police. It smacks of collusion with the thieves.


Michael said…
I wouldn't go so far as to say collusion with thieves (at least not all the time). Rather, I would say that it is a mind-set nurtured by the District that the items can just be replaced, i.e. "It's not my money." Problem is that most District employees forget that the taxes they pay go towards replacing all this stolen stuff - funds that could be used somewhere else, like the classroom. The District doesn't want to accuse anybody of anything for fear of being sued. They're still up to their old tricks, and have not changed anything, despite what their spokesman says.

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