Here’s what a proposal by Snohomish County-area State Sen. Paull Shin (D-21) would do:

Requires the rules of the superintendent of public instruction to allow school districts to place advertising and educational material on and in school buses after approval by the school district board of directors. Directs revenue received for the advertising and educational material to be deposited in the school district’s general fund or transportation vehicle fund.

He’s got six co-sponsors, including Seattle-area Sens. Adam Kline (D-37), Joe McDermott (D-34) and (suburbs) Rodney Tom (D-48).

Well, that would be great except for what would be allowed? I believe the district has an advertising policy already in place in SPS; would this override that? (You'd better believe staff would want it.)

Badly needed money versus not exposing our kids to yet more advertising. Or are they so saturated that they won't even notice?

Or can they just ride the bus home with their own thoughts? Or will it remind them they are hungry and they buy some chips on the way home because they saw the ad on the bus? Wait, we have a nutrition policy that might not allow food advertisements.

Thanks, legislators but I'd rather you tax soda and candy and gum before you put advertising on school buses. (I drink soda - I know, I know, it's liquid poison - and I'm willing to pay.)

(There is some irony to this because why don't the legislators just fully fund basic education in the first place so we don't need these dopey revenue streams?)