Future of Jobs in U.S.

The CBS Evening News is doing a series called "Where America Stands". It's a much more in-depth report than most news shows usually do (except on PBS). This one was on the future of jobs in the U.S. especially in technology and what we are going to need to do to create them. I thought it was interesting in light of our discussions about STEM.


seattle citizen said…
Today's Times has two contrasting headlines above the fold:
"State faces nothing but bad choices";
"Banks prepare for big bonuses"

Seems like if all we are perparing students for is "college and work," and eschewing any sort of preparation for their duties as citizens and human beings, we should follow the lead of Arne Duncan's Ariel Charter School in Chicago which prepares K-8 students to be investment bankers.

Goldman Sachs is paying its employees, on average, $468,000 this year. Of course this is in recognition of all the fine work the financial sector has done to make our nation and world stronger. Instead of perparing students to be nurses, cops, teachers, utility workers etc, all of which pay a mere pittance compared to our "captains of industry" (or "masters of the universe," if you prefer the model of Sherman McCoy in Wolfe's "Bonfire of the Vanities")

When will we return education to its rich heritage, instead of this increasing focus on "get a job"?

When will art and government and social studies be on the standardized tests?

How will future employees and citizens be prepared to live fully in the world, serving their state, their nation, their world, instead of allowing governments to go broke as the priveleged (and amoral) few grab their $468,000 from those who barely make rent?

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