From the Roosevelt Counseling Department:

On Thursday 1/14 there will be a series of free web broadcasts sponsored by the US Department of Education Office of Federal Student Aid, allowing students to log in and talk live with the presenters. The broadcasts are running 3:00 p.m.-10:00 p.. Eastern Time (noon-7:00 p.m. Seattle time) and cover various topics from merit scholarships, to filling out the FAFSA to money for student athletes. See your counselor for a detailed list of the various chat sessions, as well as information about how to log on.

This is a great opportunity for high school students who know they will need financial aid for college to ask questions about it.


2010 TEENS IN PUBLIC SERVICE (TIPS): Paid Summer internships available to students ages 15 – 19. Hired students will work at non-profit organizations around the Greater Seattle area. Each intern will commit to a) 20 or 30 hours per week for 6 to 8 weeks, b) attend four mandatory program meetings, and c) be committed, punctual and enthusiastic to community. Applications due March 26, 2010. See to download application.


Shannon said…
OFF TOPIC: Could we have a thread for what is happening at the 'new' neighborhood schools? I spoke to a parent of an incoming K-kid in the new MacDonald Elementary area. She mentioned how active the parent community has been: according to her they have a Yahoo group, Facebook group, taken surveys, trying to lobby for an International Program and are working at building a strong group in advance of the program starting. I think they will be housed at another building for 2 years while the school is reopened. I'd love to hear what initiatives are being taken at this and other areas.
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to let everyone know that it has been announced that Kaaren Andrews is leaving Madrona K-8 to head up the Interagency Academy, an alternative middle and high school that also serves the juvenile detention center. Her passion lies in helping troubled kids, so it should be a good fit for her.

It is also great news for the Madrona neighborhood. Parents in the reference area for the most part have actively been pushed away from this school by Ms. Andrews, who did not want middle class families involved at Madrona. Finally there is a chance to build a neighborhood school in Madrona. Hopefully the new principal will share that goal.
dj said…
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dj said…
I was coming here to post what seattleopen just posted. Here is the letter, for anyone interested; the replacement principal, per the letter, will be appointed after an interview process that will have community involvement.
hschinske said…
There was a lockdown at Washington Middle School this afternoon. Seems kids are just being released now.

Helen Schinske

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