Enrollment Information Update

Thanks to the heads up by RavennaJen (hey neighbor!), there is a PDF posted by the Enrollment Office over the automated phone snafu as well as other enrollment information. Among the information:
  • An override command inadvertently downloaded preliminary assignment information for next year to the automated phone line before the information was proofed and finalized. This should not have happened and we apologize for any inconvenience.
  • A cross-departmental team has been working hard to process assignments. At this time it looks like we will be ahead of schedule with getting letters out to families and providing information to schools. (Original estimate was late May).
  • Schools can’t assign students to classes until this data transfer is complete.
  • Schools need not only individual student names, but a summary report of projected enrollment, space available, waiting lists, etc. The target date for providing this information is Friday, April 30. We updated the School Board last week to say that we expect to have that information available earlier this week, with subsequent statistics available next week (the first week in May). I think one interesting (and major) statistic will be how many students did not accept their attendance school assignment. It is still unclear to me how the district will know, until the first day of school, how many people DID accept their attendance area assignment since they weren't (as I recall it) supposed to do anything.
  • They give the process by which they get out assignment letters in an effort to explain why it takes so long to get assignment letters.
So now you know. Therefore, any info you got from the automated line should be treated as suspect. It could be right but don't count on it.


Sue said…
I will just say this is great information -both from Melissa and RavennaJen and from the district.

I would hope they will send this info out by robocall and email - that would be very helpful to those of us waiting.
Central Mom said…
hey whoever is reading at the District...you saw the public objections and questions re: the process and tried to address them point by point in a group forum and in a somewhat timely manner.


good job on the follow up communications.

now, you just need to get AHEAD of the game on communications and we'll really be talking.
Lisa Winn said…
Thanks, SPS. This doc was the right thing to do.

It probably would have been good to pass the information on directly to Melissa though.

I know this blog is usually highly critical of SPS, so you may be you're trying to avoid giving it legitimacy by using it as a means of communication, but ultimately it's a little silly to pretend this blog doesn't exist when you clearly read it and clearly realize a lot of other people read it as well.
SE Mom said…
That was a helpful communication,
thanks for posting it.

I also emailed Anna-Marie, head of district math, with some questions and got a fantastic reply. She provided very useful and specific information and I feel much better about registering my kid for high school math.
ParentofThree said…
I have heard that the schools got their numbers on Friday. Hopefully we will know soon what schools we are assigned to and what the enrollment at the new schools looks like.
Lori said…
If anyone is still reading this thread, they have posted preliminary enrollment numbers by school tonight. You can check it out here:


I look forward to hearing what these numbers may mean at the coffee chat with our principal on Friday.
Lori said…
Enrollment data by school are now available here:


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